Final Exam Take-Home Essay Assignment Now Available

6198008840_fb6bcb212c_zHappy Thanksgiving! (Anyone going for Peking Duck instead of turkey? Not a bad option…)

Our take-home exam for the HIST 366 final is now available at our assignments page. As noted in class, it’s essay-style, due at the time our final exam is scheduled to start (12 noon on Friday of exam week), but it’s a take-home exam format. There are two essays on the exam, and I’ll discuss them both in class when we return from Thanksgiving Break. I’ll also be available to answer any questions.

My office hours for the last week of classes are slightly change, by the way:

Monday: 11-11:30 (2-3:15 pm is cancelled — see Friday for a make-up time)
Wednesday: 11-11:30, 2-3:15
Friday: History Symposium day, so 11-11:30 is also cancelled, but I’m adding 3-4 pm as an extra hour of office hours for anyone who may have questions about the final.

Feel free to contact me if you’d like to schedule an appointment.

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Week 7 Readings

Hello All,

An update on our week 7 readings — we have a slight adjustment to the syllabus:

– For Monday, we’ll be reading Spence, pp. 308-341 (see online Readings page here).

– Wednesday’s reading from Spence is cancelled. Instead, focus on getting ahead on our reading for Friday, which we’ll be discussing in a class workshop (take a few notes and bring a copy — paper or electronic — to class): San Min Chu I (“The Three Principles of the People”), Selections from Lecture 4” by Sun Yat-sen (1924), in Prasenjit Duara, ed. Decolonization: Perspectives from Now and Then (New York: Routledge, 2004): 21-28 [also at our online Readings page.]

This “Three Principles of the People” selection is also our focus for the QQC discussion this week, due Thursday at 11:59 pm.

See you in class!

Dr. Fernsebner